Importance of Typography in a Web Design

custom web portal development

Typography plays a crucial role in the custom web portal development of a company.  A talented graphic designer always likes to make its use for exploring the interaction with what it says and how it appears. Plus, he knows to walk the line between the verbal and visual language.

Those days are really gone when web designs were all about visual effects. The modern design era is more about typography where words speak louder than the graphics.

Why care about typography?

A designer who cares about the typography in a web design has to explain its importance. Color, font, and text; these all come together as a visual language to prove a brand distinct from others in the market. There’s particularly no need of new fonts, but some clients wish to keep a certain look of the web design unparalleled so they might create variations with the existing items or use some truly new fonts.

Invokes reactions and feelings:

Likewise, the tone of words affects the feelings or emotions of a person, visual language also conveys the feelings that the text alone can never do.  In fact, the same text can even be used to with different effects to invoke different moods.

The Power of a good typography:

A good typography always has the ability to enhance, create, and alter the meaning of any verbal language. Even more importantly, it takes the message to the next memorable and enjoyable level for the consumer. Although it is a never ending debate, the overall effect of typography cannot be ignored.


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