Secret of Designing a Memorable Logo Design Unveiled


In the world of countless logo designs, there are a few that are memorable like Coca Cola’s. The question that arises here is how a beverage’s icon turns into its global identification. There are two major reasons behind the success of this logo design. Firstly, it is one of the biggest brand around and secondly, it is simple.

While crafting a design, the agency providing web development services must consider these factors to add an element of memorability to a logo design.

  • Incorporate the mission of brand
  • Deliver the brand’s message to its audience

However, companies have potential and are ready to spend thousands of dollars on logo designs; it is not worthy enough until they are sure that the logo is attractive and memorable. As far as you thoroughly know the dynamics of logo design, crafting a memorable logo design is a breeze to you.

Advantages of a Memorable Logo Design:

Since a powerful logo design builds your brand’s strong image. Here are a few amongst them.

  1. Memorable logos are 13% more likely to get consumers’ attention.
  2. Memorable logos are 6% more likely to suggest that a company is more unique than others in its market.
  3. Memorable logo are 7% more likely to make targeted audience learn more about the brand.

Most importantly, association is the key to designing memorable logo designs. A designer needs to be alleviated from all the stress and other hollow emotions when assigned with an entirely creative design project.


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